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Hi there. I’m in my chicken coop with all my different kinds of chickens and I’m going to tell you what I think the best chicken breed is that I would not go without in my flock.

Meet my white Leghorn hens. You can call them white Leghorns white Leghorns. I’ve heard it both ways, but here’s one right here and they are just your basic white chicken that’s used in most commercial hatcheries that produce white eggs anyway, and as far as production goes, you can’t feed them. These girls will lay an egg every day of the year, whether it’s freezing cold, they will lay every day, whether it’s hot, they will lay, they do a great job if they’re molting, I think they even lay, to tell you the truth, they just, I can count on my white eggs out of my nest boxes. If you are looking for cuddly friendly chickens, they may not be your breed though they are kind of flighty. They’re not the friendliest, but they’ll come up. They’re not mean. But if you want to try to catch one, you’re going to be in for a bit of a battle.

As far as free ranging. They do great. They usually actually will fly out of my coop and run and I’ll find them out in my yard, which helps me with eggs. I know that my best free range eggs are coming from my white lagers as a matter of fact. But you may ask don’t they lay white eggs? Yes, they do lay white eggs and if you have customers that absolutely insists that farm eggs are Brown, eggs are colored days, that might be a problem, but most people don’t mind if there were a few white eggs and their carton of colored eggs. They just take it as another breed of chicken. Especially if you explained to them that these, these white eggs are raised exactly what the chickens that lay the Brown eggs, so it’s usually not a problem. Let’s look at some of their eggs too so you can see what they’re like.

Right. Here are two eggs that I just pulled out of the nest box and yes, they’re white. They tend to be a anywhere from a medium to an extra large. It’s going to depend on your chicken and also where you get them makes a difference as far as how they, how they lay their size. These ACE for me have been always consistent in quality. My white Leghorn hens lay a beautiful quality egg for years. I mean I’ve had them for three years, four years, um, and the quality doesn’t seem to change. I have also had Eissa Browns and golden comets and those I have found tend to have kind of watery egg yolks. Um, I just actually bought some from somewhere the other day and noticed that they’re like that too. So I know it wasn’t just mine. Um, I don’t find that with these, I actually like the quality of these eggs better than the dark Brown from the ICER Browns.

So that’s also something to consider. Let’s say this breed is definitely worth considering to add to your flock and not just discount because they’re known as the, you know, commercial egg laying breed. They are great to have around, especially in a small flock or homestead where you really would like to have eggs on a consistent basis. Thanks. As great as they are, I will kill still keep other breeds in my flock though too. I can’t imagine not having things like little Libby here. She’s a lavender Americana and she is really nice and funny, even though I can probably count on two hands how many eggs she has given me over the five years that she’s been here. But there are a lot of great breeds out there, but I just wanted to highlight white Leghorns that you would not discount them just because you think of them as the commercial egg laying breed. Give them a chance because they are really great to have around. Thanks so much for watching. Please subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our videos.

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